Eurecat U.S.

Eurecat U.S. Incorporated provides refineries, gas processing facilities, petrochemical and chemical plants with a wide variety of catalyst services:

• Regeneration or reactivation of catalysts and absorbents at a fraction of the replacement cost

• Fresh and regenerated resale catalysts with 80 - 100% of fresh catalyst activity at 30 - 70% of the cost

• Pre-activation of catalysts for reduced turn-around time and numerous operational benefits

• Catalyst inventory management

• Catalyst waste management expertise


The Eurecat Group has its Head Office in La Voulte, France. Additional plants, businesses, J/V's and licensees are based in France, Italy, Saudi Arabia and Japan.


Eurecat U.S
13100 Bay Park Road
Pasadena, Texas 77507

Houston office, 
Telephone 281.218.0669
Fax            281.218.9850

Pasadena plant and laboratories, 
Telephone 281.474.3076
Fax            281.474.7776